About RCSA

Mission and Vision

‘Bet on the youngsters. They are long shots but some of them pay off.’

Frederick Gardner Cottrell

Mission Statement

The Mission of Research Corporation for Science Advancement is to advance early stage, high-potential, basic scientific research.


RCSA provides catalytic funding for research and sponsors conferences to support:

  • Early career faculty
  • Innovative ideas for basic research
  • Integration of research and science teaching
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Building the academic leadership of the future

A Century of Success

Innovation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, high-risk/potentially high-reward research – welcome to RCSA. We fund top early career teacher-scholars at America’s leading colleges and universities, and we’ve been catalyzing transformative scientific research in this way for 100 years. RCSA has always been about finding and supporting the next big scientific paradigm, the theory or discovery that will revolutionize and advance an entire field of study. In the process, we consistently work to improve U.S. science education by advocating that undergraduate students participate in their mentors’ cutting-edge research. A century of success has taught us there is no better way to build America’s scientific workforce and to provide for a brighter tomorrow.