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Accelerating Solar Conversion Science

Nate Lewis BookA resource for researchers in solar conversion, this publication details key system-level challenges and issues transcending the various scientific disciplines. It is based on a keynote speech delivered by Nate Lewis, director: Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis. He is also the George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry at Cal Tech. Dr. Lewis’ speech was delivered at the first-annual conference for Scialog: Solar Energy Conversion, held in October 2010. Topics include solar electric, solar thermal and solar fuel.

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Success with Science

Success with SciencePublished by Research Corporation for Science Advancement, is written by Harvard University science students who want to encourage and to help their high-school colleagues participate in the mind-expanding world of American science competitions. This is an indispensible guide for anyone thinking about a career in science. It is available on

Science In Solution:

Science In SolutionDavid Lopatto’s, Science in Solution: The Impact of Undergraduate Research on Student Learning is available from CUR here. Lopatto is a professor of psychology and the Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics at Grinnell College.

Science Teaching as a Profession: Why It Isn't, How It Could Be

Science Teaching as a ProfessionResearch Corporation for Science Advancement supported a new book by noted education writer Sheila Tobias and veteran science teacher Anne Baffert, entitled Science Teaching as a Profession: Why It Isn't, How It Could Be. Based upon their communications with nearly 500 science teachers across the United States over the past two years, the book explores what is needed to reduce attrition by high-school science teachers at a time when the United States is facing increasing competition in the sciences from other nations.  For more information, contact NSTA.

Academic Excellence: The Role of Research in the Physical Sciences at Undergraduate Institutions

Academic ExcellenceNumerous studies have shown that the undergraduate programs most successful at producing scientists are those that include research and publication in refereed journals. That is, research activity helps the faculty keep current but it also leads to more positive results for the students. Often the defenders of research by the faculty are accused of not being concerned about students. The studies demonstrate, to the contrary, that students benefit from a research-based teaching environment. Students who have the opportunity for research complete their science programs in greater numbers than those who do not. This implies that what is good for the faculty is also good for the students.

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Length 199 pages. Published by Research Corporation, 2000.

Academic Excellence: The Sourcebook

The SourcebookThis Study was undertaken to provide a basic understanding of the environment for research in the natural sciences at predominantly undergraduate colleges and universities.

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Length 531 pages. Published by Research Corporation, 2001.

Science on The Frontiers: Commentaries on education and research in the service of science literacy

Science on the FrontiersScience on the Frontiers is a collection of wide-ranging presentations that convey much of the excitement of contemporary science. The authors are the scientists themselves, distinguished investigators and widely recognized authorities in their fields who have received a wide variety of honors including the Nobel Prize. These illustrated lectures were first presented at annual conferences for participants in the Partners In Science program: high school science teachers and their mentors -- college and university scientists. The Partners program provided opportunities for teachers across the country to spend two summers working in research projects on local campuses.

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Length 145 pages. Published by Research Corporation, 2000.

Bringing the Excitement of Science to the Classroom

Bringing the Excitement of Science to the ClassroomA collection of first-hand experiences from a highly successful ten-year experiment in science education from the standpoints of the participants and administrators of the Partners program which allowed high school teachers to do two summers of research with a college or university mentor. A how-to section is included for those interested in joining or founding similar programs.

Length 112 pages, 6 x 9, paper. Published by Research Corporation, 2000. Cost: $2.50, includes "media rate" shipping.

Rethinking Science as a Career: Perceptions and Realities in the Physical Sciences

Rethinking Science as a CareerMany of America's best minds have been idled by changing national priorities, and recent graduates in science may have difficulty in finding employment. The authors gauge the scope of the job problem and recommend measures to restructure the supply of, and demand for, scientists.

Authors: Sheila Tobias, Daryl E. Chubin and Kevin Aylesworth. Length 157 pages incl. appendix, index, 6 x 9, paper. Published by Research Corporation, 1995. Cost: $2.50, includes "media rate" shipping.

Cottrell Samaritan of Science

The story of the founder of Research Corporation who invented the electrostatic precipitator, still one of primary means for controlling industrial air pollution, and used it to fund academic science in the United States. A reprint edition of the original 1952 biography of Frederick Gardner Cottrell with forward by Ernest O. Lawrence.

Author: Frank Cameron. Length 414 pages incl. index, 6-1/2 x 8-1/2, paper. Reprint edition published 1993 by Research Corporation. Cost: $10.00, includes shipping.